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A Pride and Prejudice variation . . .

What if Fitzwilliam Darcy didn’t shun Elizabeth Bennet at the Meryton Assembly?
And what if he found that he was dealing with coup de foudre, love at first sight, of this delightful young woman?

However, Caroline Bingley is determined to wed Darcy even if she has to compromise him. Will she succeed?
And what kind of havoc will George Wickham create when he appears on the scene?

Join our dear couple in a whirlwind Regency romance that will make you both laugh and sigh as they reach for their ‘happily ever after.’

“A love-at-first-sight story for Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth brings new drama and comedy to our favorite Austen story!” ~ Elizabeth Ann West, author of To Capture Mr. Darcy…

Because the ground was still soft and a little muddy in spots, the men refrained from indulging in their usual race and concentrated on looking for damage to the one dam on the property and to ensure none of the ponds had overflowed their banks.

All was well except for the dam, which had sustained a small amount of damage needing repair that would be reported to Bingley’s temporary steward. Up until now, the man had seemed very competent, and if Bingley decided to buy Netherfield, he would retain the man permanently. Bingley appreciated Darcy’s acumen in regard to estate management and his willingness to train his friend too. He would do well if he could become as knowledgeable also.

“It’s been a good morning, and the property seems in fine shape. Let’s return and prepare for our visit to Longbourn.”

“Darce, shall we race back?” Without waiting for an answer, Bingley urged Baron into a gallop that showered Darcy in mud. The gauntlet had been thrown.

Achilles loved a good run and quickly caught up with Baron. Then Darcy returned the favor.

After leaving the horses at the stable and apologizing to the groom for the condition of the horses and equipment, both men cleaned their boots before entering the house through the kitchen. The cook, the kitchen maid, and the scullery maid all stood speechless as Bingley and Darcy tried to sneak up to their bedchambers. The three had never seen gentlemen covered in mud to the extent that Bingley was picking it out of his teeth. The ground had proven muddier than expected.

Hurrying toward the staircase, they were dismayed at the shriek behind them.

“Charles…Mr. Darcy!” Caroline Bingley was appalled at their appearance.

Louisa just said, “Oh, my!”

Hurst doubled over in laughter at the sight of the mud-spattered men: from head to toe. “I’m going to dub you two Mud Hens,” he said. And he howled with laughter.

Nobody could tell that both men were blushing fiery red.

And the footman was coughing up a storm. …

This was a very well done retelling of one of my favorite stories! Gianna Thomas has re-imagines how things could have been between
Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennet. It could have been easier, less intimidating and much fewer misunderstandings. Don’t get me wrong, there are vexations! Miss Bingley is the biggest! I loathed her in this. Just so thickheaded I wanted to scream at her! LOL

All of the characters are here, and mostly true to cannon. I loved the amount of laughter though. It seems like a lighter version of P&P.
When I read the title I thought, what could Mr. Bingley do to be on the receiving end of Mr. Darcy’s displeasure, but you will find it wasn’t Mr. Bingley but his guttersnipe of a sister! LOL

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did!
5 stars!

A Texas girl, Gianna has been in love with Historical Romance, and especially Regency Romance for many years. But it wasn’t until 2013 that she started writing in this genre.
Gianna discovered Pride and Prejudice, and its many variations, what ifs and fan fiction. She was totally fascinated by the variety of plots that eager authors had utilized. After reading several of these fascinating books, she realized why others loved them and Jane Austen’s books so well.

Gianna was aware of the story line of Pride and Prejudice after reading it many years ago and seeing the 1940’s movie as well as the 2005 movie with Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen. She loved the 2005 movie and the musical score. Yes, the movie wasn’t 100% accurate, but isn’t the goal to entertain and touch the heart? And this movie touched her heart and helped her to appreciate more the talent of Jane Austen.

Rereading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice has given her greater insight into Ms. Austen’s genius in depicting different personalities and situations and the society of her day. As a mature adult, Gianna sees much more in her books now than ever before.

After reading nearly 200 variations and fan fictions, Gianna now had P&P plots running through her head. She finally decided that they needed to be put to paper (today, on the computer), to see how they would develop. She is having an absolute ball in writing about Darcy and Elizabeth and is pleased with how things are developing. Her goal is to entertain and touch hearts. Hopefully, with her first rendering, Pride and Prejudice: Darcy Chooses, she achieved that goal and touched your heart also.

More recently, Gianna started looking beyond Pride and Prejudice, with her first foray into Regency Romance generally, with The Four Lords’ Saga Series.

Gianna Thomas is a ghostwriter of poetry and e-books who became a widow after twenty-two years with her very own Mr. Darcy, who was her second husband. She lives a quiet life in a small Texas town with her cats and loves to read regency romance, Jane Austen’s works and the many variations done by other lovers of Pride and Prejudice.

Learn more about Gianna and her Historical Romance writings on her website at,
and on her page at Amazon Author Central at

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