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There are so many companies out there that are more than happy to give you their merchandise for a deep discount, or even for free!

Please read Amazon’s new Terms of Service before posting any review! You are not allowed to add the disclaimer of receiving the item at a discount in exchange for review! Your review will be removed for this. You may,  however,  review and say you received the item at a discount.

These links are in no particular order. Just how they were bookmarked in my browser. You should read the FAQ of each site before you do anything else!

AMZReview Trader

Elite Deal Club

AMZOne Deals Club

Home Product Testing

Product Elf


ART Deals Community

Reviewer Group

Deal Go! Go! Go! 

Giveaway service 

UberZon club

Jump Send



Launchzon offers a free membership as well as a paid. You may receive one item at a time and will be open to receive another code after feedback for the previous. I’m trying it out,  I’ll report back afterwards.

Paid Memberships


Sites affiliated with brands

These links are to my pages with information on each site that I participate on.
Feel free to contact me if you would like any other information that can not be found on these pages. These sites require social media posts as well as reviews.

Swaggable – Sample products for honest review!

BzzAgent – Product samples for reviews ans social media posts!

Smiley 360 – Products samples in exchange for honest reviews!

Influenster – Product samples in exchange for honest reviews, find reviews of other products as well!